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Helping you make the right decision.

At Odyssey & Leo, our solutions are tailored and straightforward—crafted uniquely for each business. We analyze data intricately to identify the right components, constructing a bespoke pathway that leads them to their ultimate goals.

No Fluff. Just Black and White Data-Centric Strategy

Business Strategies: Strategic Insight

Harness the power of Strategic Insight as we collaborate to shape a comprehensive roadmap for your business success. Our team dives deep into market trends, competitor analysis, and industry dynamics to craft strategies that not only address your current challenges but also position your business for sustainable growth. Whether it's optimising processes, entering new markets, or navigating changes, our strategic expertise ensures you make informed decisions and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Marketing: Targeted Promotion

Step into the spotlight with Targeted Promotion, where we seamlessly blend creativity and data-driven precision to elevate your brand's visibility. From crafting compelling marketing campaigns to identifying and engaging your ideal audience, our approach is rooted in understanding your brand identity and delivering messages that resonate. Whether through digital channels, traditional media, or a mix of both, we strategically position your brand to capture attention and foster lasting connections with your customers.

Automation/Software Development: Innovative Solutions

Experience a transformation in your operations with Innovative Solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. Our team specializes in automation and software development, creating bespoke solutions that enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and foster innovation. Whether you're looking to automate repetitive tasks, build a robust software infrastructure, or stay ahead in the tech-driven landscape, our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions ensures you not only meet but exceed your business objectives.

Client Stories

Throughout our journey, we've encountered remarkable companies, each grappling with its unique set of challenges. Collaborating closely with our clients, we've been dedicated to ensuring the realization of their visions and overcoming hurdles together.

Nu Wealth, a recently established entity, sought the expertise of Odyssey & Leo to formulate a targeted marketing strategy aimed at generating high-quality leads. Notable clients, including Perth apartment developers Stirling Capital and Megara, were strategically incorporated into our marketing approach.

To ensure the leads were not

Client: Nu Wealth

only numerous but also qualified, the Odyssey & Leo team engaged in meticulous spot-checks and actively facilitated the sales process for a defined set of leads. Employing a diverse range of platforms, our strategy effectively engaged individuals throughout the entire buyer's journey. As our partnership with Nu Wealth evolved, we delved deeper into optimizing their operations, introducing

Year: 2020

more efficient CRM systems that offer enhanced insights into the overall business, consumer journey, and sales funnel, presented in an easy-to-use and visualise format.

Building upon this collaborative journey, Odyssey & Leo continues to refine and innovate, ensuring Nu Wealth achieves its marketing and business goals seamlessly.

Industry: Property & Finance

Action Framing Solutions, specializing in steel frames and modular homes in Western Australia, partnered with Odyssey & Leo to boost sales and expand into Port Hedland and northern regions. Utilizing data from ground research, competitor analysis, and local consumer behavior, we crafted a targeted digital strategy. 

Client: Action Framing

This approach not only engaged the community but also secured a significant contract with a key land developer, showcasing the effectiveness of our data-driven approach and delivering a strong ROI.

In collaboration with Odyssey & Leo, Action Framing Solutions successfully penetrated the northern market with a tailored digital strategy. 

Year: 2020

Leveraging on-the-ground research and data-driven insights, we not only engaged the local community effectively but also secured a substantial contract with a major land developer, highlighting the tangible results our partnership brings to businesses seeking expansion and increased sales.

Industry: Property

Our client, a renowned provider of award-winning pool maintenance services in Perth, enlisted Odyssey & Leo as their external marketing arm. Our initial focus was enhancing the business's online presence and implementing a proactive customer engagement strategy using the existing database. By segmenting regions and tailoring exclusive messages, we achieved a remarkable tenfold increase in lead generation.

Client: The Pool Shop Group

Additionally, we automated the marketing process, gaining valuable insights into top-engaging customers and establishing connections with strata management companies and commercial businesses with pools, ensuring year-round sales for this seasonal business.

In addressing the seasonality challenge, we introduced winter subscriptions, educating pool owners on the benefits and ensuring year-round 

Year: 2023

maintenance. This strategic move not only contributed to improved annual revenue targets but also aligned with the business's vision of maintaining its status as an award-winning service year-round. Odyssey & Leo's efforts have not only elevated the online presence of our client but have also transformed their business model for sustained success.

Industry: Services

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